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More Fun in the Philippines

This ongoing Slogan is hitting the likes of the Filipino people and others over Facebook pages.

They are either posted by pictures, blogging, or a complied music video, etc.
That's an interesting Slogan how to offer more Fun, excitement and what Philippines can offer global.

Each and every country has their own of Fun and excitement to be offered to tourist and even with it's own people.
Though we are from a South-East-Asian country, we have lots of culture within our beloved country and more adventures and places to wonder, like the others.

Fun to eat our native fish balls, kikiam and chicken balls.
Fun to visit our terrains in Baguio, hills in Buhol, caves in Palawan, volcanoes around the country like Mt. Apo, Mt. Mayo and other, and more.

More fun site and thrills are chasing the water experience in Camsur, Batangas, Laguna and Boracay and so other beaches and resorts available.

More fun and excitements for the souvenirs in each provinces and locations from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

This promotion of our contry and it's Slogan is not affiliated with or to any other programs, association and or mainly the More fun in the Philippines campaign.

This is solely to promote my country and what more you can find inside our great offers. The happiness, experience and hospitality we can show you.

I love being a full-blood Filipino!

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