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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crochet Slippers for Sale

For more information about Crochet slipper pictures please visit my Facebook, Myspace, Multiply sites.

Look for: Phebe Eunice Rodriguez
Facebook: www.facebook.com/phebe.eunice and www.fecebook.com/phebe.rodriguez
Or add my email: babyaxcell@gmail.com and yhunnisz@yahoo.com

Either look for: PCJ Crochet & Crafts (multiply)

Philippine Market Price: P450.00 vat included + shipping.
International Market Price: $12.99 + VAT and shipping.

Special Offers: Get 5 pairs and get big discounts.

For contact details:

What I love about Blogger!

Blogger has been part of my life ever since I've been a member.
I've shared here all the happiest moments in my life, the creepy feelings, dull times and even my non-sense post.

I love blogger for absorbing all my efforts expolring life to the fullest.

This is where I post my wnats and needs, for short it's everything I want to tell the world.

I also share have here my small business on a starter mode.

PCJ Crochet and Crafts,is about tireless fashion and creative activities we can share across the globe.
Offering helpful tips and interesting ideas how we can use more skills and talent and how we can earn from it.
It's your skills that will let you up^
GOOD LUCK, hope you'll enjoy the site nad Join us.

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

Words aren't enough to express how much you mean to the world and how you would like to express your gratitude having a good life and your family w/ the blessings.

"Words don't come esay to me., this is the only way, for me to say I Love YOU, WROD DON'T COME EASY!"


I love blogger alot.
I felt it's my comfort zone.
I am so happy I've been here for years and willing to stay and support and be part of the Blogger.com world.
this is thanks as well to Google.!

Thoughts of Sucess!

Each time we are rewarded, we consider it as one of our glorious acheivements.
If you're dedicated to what you are doing. You are after success.
Dedication is one big thing where you put in focus with trial and error and love to what you are doing. Enjoyin every thing you can think of.
You can see and check your weak and strong areas if you need to improve or you just have to make more out of it.

About You!
There's no such things as destiny.
You make your own out of your box and making it more interesting doing things fantastically amazing and in a unique way.

Simply being honest to your self, your colleages and your job will let you fulfill your needs and your turn your job just like eating candies.

YOU as you are..
You are the most important person in your company's business line.
Without YOU, they are lame and backbones aren't complete at all.

Hard work
You will never be with that you are and what you have right now if you didn't work hard for it. It's a tireless effort hitting your goals and acheivements.

Mind set your goals.
Never look back at your failures instead use it as your tool to improve your weaknesses.

The Truth
No matter how envy other people look at you and your work status, Be proud.
They are not ready to face the fact that, it's their desire getting what they have right now and the cannot get over your positive assets.

Once open to every possibilities meaning you are are always ready and aware of corresponding actions for what you're speaking.

Keep an Eye Level
Never look up neither down even at your best position.
Your action speak louder than words.
If will fail you down to shame.
Keep your down-to-earth mode as long you are not getting under estimated and seriously harmed.

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