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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Late Valentine Cake

A Post Valentine For You1

1. I bought a cake.
2. I bought some nips candies, a Yema (made with milk, condense and sugar), a chocolate paste and a waffer.

I put the (2.) on top of (1.) as a present later for my Hubby.
He'll be surprised.
I know, first thing he'll ask...

How much is it?
Of course, I'll tell a lie.
I will never let him know how expensive thing I bought for him.

If someone's very special to you, no matter how expensive or cheap it is, it doesn't matter to you... Cause you know how very special is s for.

Belated Happy Velentines: Elbert John S. Tagabuen
AS well to: Elckris Chev R. Tagabuen
And to my Parents: Gliceria M. Rodrigue & Emmanuel Rodriguez
To veryone I know nad I love.

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How To Crochet a Slipper/Shoe pair ;)

I'll show everyone how to do the Crochet Slipper/Shoe in a very easy way.

Pictures will be shown here on Sunday!

Amazing help from: http://www.milomade.co.uk/blog/2011/03/i-want-to-learn-to-crochet/

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Blogging is relieving..

Why do you think people can get addicted to blogging?

Me? I don't know.
I think it's because of you wanna share what you have in mind.
And if you're used to it, you will return every single day to express your thoughts globally.
It is better than having any vices like against health nor to others.
It is believed to relieve stress.
As you can turn stress to story telling, like what had happened to you for the whole day.
You can share the very most important and unforgettable moments you've had.
It's like your virtual Diary where everyone can read it, share it and even comment on it.
I'm not very good in English since I am a Filipino but I cna practice it here and even share everyone my Native langugae.
What I mean, jo matter what race you are, you can share and tell the world how was your day or life maybe; what you want and if needing something.

In tagalog- Ka-echo-san!
It means, Just-something!
Gay-languag: Che-nez, Eh-choz, Kemberloo!

It is very important that you communicate in other ways.
It is something priceless that no one else can do for you.
It's only you who cna tell what had happened and what's bothering you.

The more you express, the more life you save.
The more words you express, the more stress-free you are!

Share you thoughts and happiness!
Blog the way you want!

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Just move in!

We've just moved to our new place, at my Uncle's house.
Lot'a of things to do.
Cleaning and fixing everything around us.
Moving and rearranging this and that.
Pick and pack, pick and trash.
It's a very busyweek for us, since we've been there last Saturday.
Sad but true, I'm gonna miss Ninang.
I treated her as my second mother.
She's a very sweet and caring godmother of my mother.
She's a single woman living with her sister. No children ever since.
But promise to visit them more often.
Bringing them stuffs and things to make them feel we're missing them all the time.
And that's to checl them as well how's their living from time to time.
I'll be sending her a new phone probably once Ive finished my loans and hope to finish as well all my debts to her.
She's been very helppful to me nad our family.
She loves us, very much and I we know that.
Well, we need to go along the winds of changes.
We're just near to them atleast 15-20 minutes drive, and we have our car to visit them as much as we want.

It's very sad, we need to leave something's that we normally do.
But that's how it is.
It's part of growing.
I know, she'll always be the same to us.
May God Bless them and keep them safe as always.

At our new home.
It's quite adequate for our things and movements.
Veryy cozy since we can do everything we want handy.
We can use our air-con, our carpet and other stuffs we kept since our house before is big enough to see our things intact.
Well, I'm asking for guidance and seek help from above to maintain Good life and Good communication with my relatives.
I don't want to have any problems with them and hope that we can go with the flow in that residence.
Full of hope and wishes that we'll prosper and can save for our future in there.

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It's hearts day.
We all know how very special this very day for everyone, right!?
Flowers and chocolated all over teh place.
Lovers at holding hands and family bondings everywhere.
Cakes and pastries, smoothies and coffee.
It's very much special when you have your someone with you!
You say, I Love You. then he/she replies I Love You too.
What's more, If you have a 2-year-old says "Tatay,mahal-mahal kita."

My Aunt just made a chocolate hot cake!
Cheese on top and chocolate Syrup! Very sweet!
Atleast we have something sweet for the hearts day!
Since, we've spent out time all day at home to fix our things and do the cleaning.

I love you Blogger!
May you have more hearts years to come.

Happy Valentines day to these people:
Gliceria Rodriguez-Mother
Emmanuel Rodriguez-Father
Glemmuel Rodriguez
Michael Charles Rodriguez
Elbert John Tagabuen-Tatay
Elckris Chev Tagabuen
Butyl Raca
Cherrie Mae Hernandez & Rob G.
Gladys Cabangon & Family at Quezon Province
Lovely Mendoza
Amanda & Editha Bautista
Rodriguez Family in USA
Mendoza FAmily in Bulacan Province
Alicia Nano & Family
Nano Family in USA
Sanchez Family (including other relatives of Tatay)
Virgin Media UK
Virgirn Upsell Family
Ivy Corpuz & Charize Garcia
Elbhie Jane Tagabuem
Irrel Pym Tagabuen
Nanay & Tatay at Negros Occ. Province
To all our friends and family that I haven't mention here.
I love you everyone.

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