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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just move in!

We've just moved to our new place, at my Uncle's house.
Lot'a of things to do.
Cleaning and fixing everything around us.
Moving and rearranging this and that.
Pick and pack, pick and trash.
It's a very busyweek for us, since we've been there last Saturday.
Sad but true, I'm gonna miss Ninang.
I treated her as my second mother.
She's a very sweet and caring godmother of my mother.
She's a single woman living with her sister. No children ever since.
But promise to visit them more often.
Bringing them stuffs and things to make them feel we're missing them all the time.
And that's to checl them as well how's their living from time to time.
I'll be sending her a new phone probably once Ive finished my loans and hope to finish as well all my debts to her.
She's been very helppful to me nad our family.
She loves us, very much and I we know that.
Well, we need to go along the winds of changes.
We're just near to them atleast 15-20 minutes drive, and we have our car to visit them as much as we want.

It's very sad, we need to leave something's that we normally do.
But that's how it is.
It's part of growing.
I know, she'll always be the same to us.
May God Bless them and keep them safe as always.

At our new home.
It's quite adequate for our things and movements.
Veryy cozy since we can do everything we want handy.
We can use our air-con, our carpet and other stuffs we kept since our house before is big enough to see our things intact.
Well, I'm asking for guidance and seek help from above to maintain Good life and Good communication with my relatives.
I don't want to have any problems with them and hope that we can go with the flow in that residence.
Full of hope and wishes that we'll prosper and can save for our future in there.

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