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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogging is relieving..

Why do you think people can get addicted to blogging?

Me? I don't know.
I think it's because of you wanna share what you have in mind.
And if you're used to it, you will return every single day to express your thoughts globally.
It is better than having any vices like against health nor to others.
It is believed to relieve stress.
As you can turn stress to story telling, like what had happened to you for the whole day.
You can share the very most important and unforgettable moments you've had.
It's like your virtual Diary where everyone can read it, share it and even comment on it.
I'm not very good in English since I am a Filipino but I cna practice it here and even share everyone my Native langugae.
What I mean, jo matter what race you are, you can share and tell the world how was your day or life maybe; what you want and if needing something.

In tagalog- Ka-echo-san!
It means, Just-something!
Gay-languag: Che-nez, Eh-choz, Kemberloo!

It is very important that you communicate in other ways.
It is something priceless that no one else can do for you.
It's only you who cna tell what had happened and what's bothering you.

The more you express, the more life you save.
The more words you express, the more stress-free you are!

Share you thoughts and happiness!
Blog the way you want!

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