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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you will see what your efforst earns...

By enjoying all the tasks given to you, giving 100% of your effort and positivity-- then you will earn your prize!
Every effort counts!
You will never get your desire without your initiative to take and have it!
It is very important that you settle your mind to achieve your goals and maintin the positive side of your personality rather than giving side comments or bad compliments contradiction to your tasks....
One thing we should impliment in everyday tasks we are about to do each day-
without this very important word, we cannot achieve all the accomplishments we ever asked for!

Effort is your key now to Success.. ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

liers are liers and can never given a chance to believe in!

whatever silence or secret it may be, it can be traced without your knowledge..
cause you didn't think of possibilities once found out.
one thing you should keep in mind: if you're a lier
that's the only thing everyone can have peace of mind...

it would be perfect yo know
you no longer exist!

for everyone will be at ease and away from any grief!!!


it's been quite a while when 8 post my blogs here?
there are happy thoughts,
meaningful and magical but what I have today is my sorrow.

I have wasted my time and life to something I know will never get benefit with...

My fault was not to listen to many and now I am alone with this to carry...

I happiness no one can ever place!

My little one who keeps me going to this path of pain....

My little Chev who just got 1 this month last 13th!
To greey my baby-
"happy birthday"
again and again....

too sad I want to live with my child just the two of us....
I've never dreamed to be somewhat like a beggar!!!
I can live life to the fullest with my smart little boy and with God's guidance we both will enjoy!!!!

bad side of me...
can't accept and believe that I'm easily get fooled!

I'm trying not to but since I was raise to have a kind heart..
I can be easily get pleased and asked favors..

I believe it's a blessing to others if I help them with their needs...

see you again blogger!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tough times come your way.
Unexpected as we all know.
But nothing is impossible if you believe in your self, with your ability and understanding.

One example on my job.
It is really easy to say:
"I can make sale!"
but when you are there in a situatuation that many of your colleagues making sales and still you got is "0"?
It feels like you are so little and your face and body feels the heat that shrinks you to shame..

Well..... it varies!
Sometimes you're on top and times that you're at the bottom.

Whatever, whenever situationlyou're in to...
It matters if you believe in your self and make effort to it.
Without your initiative to learn how, learn to and do so,
you will never get what you've always wanted.

be prepared
gather all the important details

You are the only key to help your self!

Goog luck!

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