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Monday, August 31, 2009

It's my long vacation out from STRESS

Today is National Heroes Day (Philippines)
It's Holiday-It's double pay!
It's my last day at work-calling!
I have called for Turbo-It's not pressured compare to MIPS, but
it's just temporary!
But I don't know when I come back to work what campaign should I call for!
But the best thing of all?
My leave starts tomorrow, and I consider this day as the start!

Wow It feels great!?
No Aussies for 2 months! Good Job!
No hassle to wake up early at 5AM and taking bath with cold water!
No hassle to ride tricycle and jeepney or fx just to reach Riverbanks 15 minutes before calling hours!
No hassle on walking the long side walk of Riverbanks mall, when there's no tricycles available to ride on!
No hassle on climbing the stairs and stamping on time at my station!

I know it's only good for 2 months: but it's really a great help to forget stress!
I'll enjoy my leave; I'll walk every morning and exercise so I can givebirth easily!
I'll watch my diet everyday until my due date arrives!

My 11k is not enough for our expenses, but still we have everything we need for the baby's sake!
We just need PAJAMAS!
Though, my hubby's cousin share her baby's stuffs so we can use it, still: PAJAMAS are not included and we really/badly needed to buy it from department store!

I think my baby wants to see the world as soon as gets out of my womb~
He's moving alot that it hurts me so, but nothing I can do but to tell him I'm feeling it:
I know he wants to see us also!

We had our crib also: but wee need to clean it first!
If not, I'll never let the baby use it!
It seems likes it can c ause tetanus to the baby~ eeeww!

This week will be a very busy week for us!
We will clean the house, wash our clothes and the baby's stuffs.
We will have a baby shower at our church at Gao QC!

We had goto at Concepcion: but we are hungry!
Hubby is now doing the his thing!
Frying the CHICKEN!
After that we will have: FRIED CHICKEN!

'til next time!
See yah!?

Friday, August 21, 2009

I won a call card!

This is a "worth selling for" day! hehe
I won a call card from our draw!
Every sale has a corresponding ticket and once your ticket was picked,
you're entitled to have your own choice of prize!

I choose to have a smart call card so we can use it-
we no longer to buy our loads!

It's better than cash!
It's not taxable!

Hope they will really give give the prizes next week!

Haha a nice day!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unstoppable Gift Acceptance!

Though it's a very tiring day-
I still have wonderful moments in our office!
Our birthday girl, Norlyn surprised me of a gift, wrapped in a Japanese paper colored apple green and baby blue with a ribbon tied to it and a gift tag with a baby Mickey and Minnie mouse characters.

What's inside?
Guess what! he he
I know you can't guess it correctly!

It's a cute khaki baby shoes sized 3-9 months!
It's very CUTE- as in! I wish Chev can use it right away!
I can't wait for that to happen! (EXCITED!)

As I ended my shift earlier than what I expected (having 1 hour and 30 OT),
I looked for Daddy A. (Ariel)- he promised me yesterday that he will have something for my baby cause he was one of my hold-up invitee last Saturday!

He wrapped his gift on a shirt-like wrapper and
with a figure of a baby with a note: "Baby's Christening!"

AGAIN! What's inside?
Guess what! he he
I know you can't guess it correctly!

It's a cute pair of a bonnet and mittens with a design of a blue Superman logo.
Under the logo you will see there:
Super baby- he he a cutie!

I remember, Ver also has something for my baby as he texts me earlier that he's not yet reporting to work because of his father's preparation to get on board and earlier is his flight!
What I did was to tell Hayden what he want to tell the Support Team so he will not be tagged as NCNS or AWOL.

Mommy Elva, Kite, Nol, Coach Jeff, Cheeno, Ryan and
others also promised to give something for Chev also:
I'm not expecting much, but better if they will and what can I say?


Super STRESS!!!

It's gettnig closer for me to take up my maternity leave from our office. I'm excited, I'm not, I can't wait to have it. But when I file my maternity leave earlier this afternoon, I'm thinking twice when will I file my final leave or last days of reporting to our office. But I filed my leave on the 1st of September or resched it until the 5th so I could get complete salary on the 15th. If incase, I will feel somthing was not good about my situation being pregnant, that's the time I will give them my final day of leave.

I really feel the pressure: It's too hard to wake up early, easily getting tired even I'm not moving that much, always hungry, I can't hit my sales goal! One thing I hate about our campaign is, It's so redundant: as well as my other accounts, if not verbatim, recording advise is most important, other than that, leads are crap! Well, things I love in Optus: There's OT (even it's vry tiring-it's really one big help to inrease our salary every cut-off), nice colleagues (though there are some who were really indiffirent), better not to say something, we still recieve SPIF's, monthly incentives and of course monthly bonus. Spill is free-style, you can make your own as long as it's approved and you will follow the calll floe most importantly, you are not misleading!

But today! I'm SUPER STRESS!!!
This is the hardest day I've ever encountered! Leads were all crap, my first call is DNC, and you're not yet in your spill, they will tell you they are "Not Interested"! Imagine of eight hours calling plus an addition of one hour and a half OT!? OT is good especially as an add on to our salary-Thanks to that! MABUHAY!... BUT!!! if leads are very old and super recycled, it's really annoying: same as what our customers feel when they've been called not only ten times but several times a week! I also understand why instead they will listen and be intested to our product, they will say no immediately, it's because they have been called many times, during working hours, having their break times, we call them at their worst moment, they are on their holidays.. blah blah blah...

Well, whatever had happened today, I know it's my bad also, I sometimes tend ot to rebut, because I felt so tired-SUPER! And at the end of the day, all my efforts will just give me: 2 sales, then tomorrow I'll found out that I have held sale(s)! Goodness.. That's a really bad day for me! I don't want to pressure my self alot cause I have someone inside me and he'll be affected of everything what was happening to me! I deffinitely don't want that to happen that's why, even if they pressure me to make sale I sometimes raise my ear-pan (tengang kawali) as if I never heard anything (though it's also embarrassing).

I once decided to resign from my job as a customer service representative or what we call in the Philippines as call center agents; because it's tiring, it's repeatedly done (offering the product), needs to maintain everything (QA, Scorecards, SPH, CPH, SPC, etc...), be on time and many more! But when I'm about to decide whole-heartedly; everything pops up: I will have a baby soon, my husband is not yet working due to examination preaparations, I will pay this, that, I want this that... I need to stay! Well, I know it's my part to do my job, not only as my job but being professional also and not only for my self but also to my upcoming family.

Hmmm... I'm so tired today! Until next time! ;-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Presents

It's been a long day!
We had 1 hour and 30 minutes over time in our office.
It's tiring and very busy day!
I only had 4 sales for the whole day: since most of my leads were DNC's (Do Not Call), AM (Answering Machines), and some are in Typing mode!

Remember my last blog about my Baby Shower last Saturday?
I just came at 7:22AM in our office at my station this morning.
I signed up at the attendance sheet and prepare my Kronos portal to Time Stamp.
Cherry handed a present from Rain!
It's so nice- a pillow from the Baby Co. brand.
I love it's color, so boyish!
I know my baby loves it as he moves inside me! ;)
(Thanks Rain! Love it!)

Five minutes later Ate Madeth handed me a small paper bag-
It has a baby dress and take note: It's good for 1 year old baby! (he he)
It's so cute, though my baby can't use it yet, in the next few months or after a year he can use it anyway! Love it's color! An apple green!
(Thanks ate Madeth! It's a cutie!)

Gift from Duchie-Duch!
Duch came to my station and apologized that she didn't make it last Saturday!
It's acceptable! She went to Bicol.
Surprisingly, she told me last Friday whe will give my baby DAIPERS!
But she handed me a teether and a cute pacifier.
It's so baby-boy-thingy!
It has a ball design (pacifier) and a cute tool like teether!
You are so good to choose those teeth aides!
(Thanks Duch! You're a certified theether-chooser!)

Unexpected #1:
Ate Eunice (from my Citibank account before) handed me a gift!
I'm so surprised. I didn't expect she'll give something for the baby!
Take note: It's a Looney Tunes Tweety baby dress and it's white!
It's uni-sex according to her!
(Thanks Ate Eunice! I love your surprise present!)

Unexpected #2:
Hayden told me "THEY" will give me something BIGGY!
I'm so excited to see it.
I waited until lunch was over: I went to Ver's station to see if he report in the office, but he doesn't!
Well, Hayden sees me and told me: "Hey! Phebe wait! I'll give "OUR" present to you."
She went near to the QA's booth and told Aimee that she'll get something from the drawer.
It's so amazing to see a baby's comforter!
I was so overwhelmed to see and accept it!
I want to jump, but then it's embarrassing if I'll do that.
So I just say "Thank You so MUCH!!!!"
The present was from:

Actually, I just HOLD-UP them and invite them to eat with us at the pantry last Saturday for my Baby Shower "Meryenda-Treat": since few just attend my invite and we have lots of food packed from home that was specially cooked by my hubby and sister-in-law!
It's so touching that they really meant to give something for my baby since they were just hold-up without any invitation. So what I did? I made them their invitations and souvenirs earlier this morning t my station and hand it to Hayden though I know it's already late! (he he)

I have-from:
Bonets (3)-Sally
Teeth Aide-Allan
Tod Brush-Allan
Spoon and Fork-Allan
Feeding Bottle-Mydee
Sando (3)-Cherry
Socks (3)-Joan
Mattress (6)-Tonette
Mittens (2)-Tonette
Baby Wash-Peaches
Baby Oil-Coach Ianne
Baby Shampoo-Coach Ianne
Feeding Bottle-Maide
Silicone Nipple (2)-Maide
Hotdog Pillow-Rain
Green Apple Baby Dress-Ate Madeth
White Looney Tunes Baby Dress-Ate Eunice
Zwitsal Shampoo-Tita Edz
Zwitsal Lotion-Tita Edz
Assorted Clothes-M. Thel/D. Richard

From My Sister-In-Law:
Sterelize Rack and Tong
Feeding Bottles (3)
Special Feeding Bottle-Nipple Twist
Bottle Brush
Powder Case
Pink-Heart Pillow
Yellow-Square Pillow
Cotton Infant Socks (2)

From My Cousin Ate Amy ($50-BUDGET)
Baby Comforter (Baby Co.)
Puzzle Floor Mat
Mosquito Net
Boppy Pillow/Arm Rest (Baby Co.)

More to come according to my gift-giver-colleagues!
I'll just post it here!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Though it's tiring the whole day, I know that God helped me to make it possible!

Early at 5AM my husband woke up and shouted "PANDESAL!!!" what he mean by that: He is calling the man peddling hot buns.
He woke me up and remind me that we need to go early in the market to buy ingredients for our Meryenda Treat-Baby Shower celebration in our office. He went out our room, get some coins from his pocket and bought P20.00 of hot pandesal. I rise from the bed and turn off the fan while he went to the toitlet to brush his teeth and wash his face.
I came next after him, then I went to Janet's store to buy a sachet of milk for me and a sachet of coffee and Milo chocolate drink as a combination hot cup for my hubby: I turn on the water heater and wait until it pops it's indicator saying "DONE-your hot water is ready!"
I make my self one hot milk for my tummy and the baby and also a cappuccino-like hot cup combination for my hubby.
I sip my hot milk so my tummy and my baby inside feels warm, my hubby also grab his cup of combination and enjoy it's yummy flavor.
I grab my notebook were I take down everything that is needed for the treat: ingredients, materials need and even the people who were invited and those who are not sure to come.
After our hot cup drink, I went to the toilet and changed my attire so we can proceed to the market before 6AM; while my hubby was done in changing his cloths.
My hubby wake her sister sleeping on the couch to transfer to our room so she can sleep without any moise from the outside cause she works at night.
He ask me for a shirt: I went inside our room and grab a shirt for him.
I grab my comb and fix my hair so I will look good when we go out then get my wallet on my bag because my husband is in a hurry and was waiting for me more than 15 minutes.
We went out, he is on a checkered shorts, with white shirt, a cap and wearing his crocs slip-ons.
I was wearing a violet leggings, white and black stripped sando and a slipper given by mom.
While walking he asks me "Did you bring the electricity bill?"; I said "I forgot!", then I went back and get the bill so we can settle it, because it's due was last August 7 and it will be disconneted tomorrow.
As we wait on the streets for a tricycle, I did tell him that yesterday, Edward offered me a ride to Bayan so I can reach my office on time and because he sees me with a big tummy and seems it's hard to carry it.
Hubby wave on the driver coming from Apitong. We ride onto his trike and go down to 711 shop and pay for our fare.
We went near to the loading area and he met his Police friend and make a little about Napolcom examination results and quotas for September for Police positions.
After a quick chat, we ride on a jeepney and pay for our fare going to the Market.
As we wait to get to our destination, streets were filled with students: As I heard the driver and the student's conversation, it is Red Cross Foundation Organization anniversary at the Marikina Sports Center. We have seen gay teenagers who make fun on the streets.
We go down to the second street and go across the other street.
While walking, I felt that I was about to pee but I was not, (that's just what I think about, cause it hurts) my baby is finding his way out, but it's not his time to go out of my womb yet.
We went to hotdog vendor and bout half a kilo of chicken and tasty hotdog, then we went to another stall to buy 2kgs. of pasta, 2 packs of forks at 10 pcs. each, 3 packs of chicken breadings, 2 big sachet packs of spaghetti sauce, 35 pcs. styropor, 1 bag of oil and 1 box of cheese summed up to P427.
We went to a chicken stall, we bought almost 4kgs. of leg and thigh part of chicken summing up to P399 with a free rag to clean my hubby's hands.
He asks for other ingredients needed, I told him we still needed corned beef or ground beef. We decided to buy 2 big cans of corned beef at P45 each.
While paying, a man passed by and releases his bag with oil on the ground accidentally.
Hubby says "ay sayang" meaning "it's so bad it happens to him."
After getting the change, we walk to the loading area and ride on the SSS routing jeepney.
I pay for our fare to Meralco.
We reached Meralco and go down there. We decided to pay our electricity bill first then go home afterwards.
We get inside Bayad Center to settle the bill summing up to P892.
We walk again to the loading area of tricycles and have a special trip to our home.

When we reach our home, we washed our hands and prepare the things that we needed for the sooking prep. I borrow a big caserole for the pasta from Edna and wash it right away.
Since we don't have a full gas tank, we borrow a electric stove at my hubby's aunt.
When I placed the caserole on top of the stove, I got electrified. I felt weak and shocked.
My husband rearranged the position of the caserole not knowing he might get electrified too.
His barefoot, hands are all wet: he did reposition the caserol then "BOOM!" he get electrified too. It hurts he says. Then we went to thw doorstep and wear our sleepers and teasing each other.
I used a pot holder to rearrange the caserole then put some oil and salt.
I chopped the garlic and onion using our handy chopper, then he asked me to wake up his sister to ask if it needs the water boil first before putting pasta onto the caserole.
Hubby went to the neighbor and asked if he can cook there, they agreed then he get all the materials for cooking the fried chicken.
Elbhie woke up and turn the water again to she can make a cup of coffee to sip.
After her coffee moment, she did help me to prepare and cook the spaghetti sauce. (Actually she did cook the sauce not me.)
I slice the hotdogs.
My husband deliver the chicken in our house after he's done cooking it in our neighbor's house.
After that, I washed my hand and arrange the forks putting some decor onto it.
I took my chicken break and grab a bite with it, because we didn't take rice for breakfast.
When the pasta was ready to be served, Elbhie arrange the styros so she can calculate the pasta serving on each styro.
At first we are afraid that Pasta might run out and lackfor 30 styro packs.
But thank God, we finished the packing resulting to 30 packs of styros with spag and chicken on it.
They told me to take my bath so I can reach the office before twelve because I'm about to report half day.
After fixing my self ready tp go to the office, we took a ride of a single motor and went to my office location.
There are times that we really need to stop cause the styro was about to open, the styro position it self as if it's about to spill it's contains.
Funny and in a hurry, but still I reached the office before time.

In the Office:
My hubby help me took the 3bags of spag packs at the 2nd floor of our building.
He's really a very shy type of person, as if he doesn't want to show off and meet my colleagues. A very simple man, that's why I love him the most!

I get my Id and swipe card, swipe my card and went inside: I left the other plastick outside because can't bring all of the three bags with just two hands, foods inside might spill.
I ask for help from Jhing, one of our coaches, then Allan Galvan went on and helped her and I went back to the entrance doors to get the last bag and proceed to the call floor.
When I get there on my station I found out that most of the invitees were not there, most were all on RD and PL and some are in UL's.
I felt bad that it seems they don't want to come because in return they have to give present for the baby.
But there's nothing I can do, maybe it's their RD and they really file their PL's that day.
After long hours of waiting, atlast! it's 3PM, end f our shift!
I inform my invited friends to proceed to the pantry so we can start the gathering while me and Cherry will buy our drinks at Save More Supermarket.

At the Pantry:
We are only few who celebrate my Baby Shower, it felt like I only have few friends also, but I know it's just a bad timing inviting them on their RD's. (acceptable)
Cheeno, Mahidi, MJ, Ryan, and others took 2 servings, while others take only one.
I made a simple art paper for them to leave any message for the baby and for us the parents.
I have recieved wonderful presents!

a cute bottle from Mydee
3 pairs of socks from Joan
3 pcs. of sando from Cherry
a tod brush, a teething ade, baby spoon and fork from Allan
a baby wash from Peaches
a baby wash and oil from Ianne
matrress pack and pairs of mittens from Tonette
3 pcs. bonets and a unique bib from Sally

After my Shower bash at our office I went home for a rest.
But Maide texted me and said he was going to meet me in our house to give his gift for the baby.
I told him he will be out of place in our house because I have Adventist visitors since Kitin didn't reply to my message if fhe will attend my bash at home.
He gave Chev a snooppy bottle includin snoppy extra nipples.
It's been 4 years since we last met with his other berks at his party.

As I went back home, I saw Mae Anne, usinf the PC for FB ans FS update.
As I decided to take shots of the presents to post it on my FB account, I borrow first a camera from our neighbor.
Then Edna gave me a give-away from Saralee: a cute native bag with 2 zwitsal products.
It was surprising yet I am still thankful for that!

Although few came and join my SHower bash,
I still appreciate their presense there.
To those who didn't make it,
(It's all right, hope they will not forget their present for the baby)
Just kidding--
Still I thank them cause they have accpetd my invites and my give-aways!

It's a very tiring day but the results was really-really great!
It's so fantastic! I am so much happy with the result..
I know my little Chev is very glad inside me that he has lots of presents from his mom's friends!

Thank God!
I know you help me make it possible!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

What If's?

What if you are pregnant?
What if you knew you're going to have a baby boy?
What if you mom called you to tell you your church will give you a baby shower by the end of the week?
What would you feel if your colleagues urge you to have a baby shower so they can give presents for your baby?

What if you are pregnant?
When I knew I was pregnant, I felt so much joy in my heart because last year I undergone miscarriage. It was not easy to let go and forget my first pregnancy. It was an abnormal pregnancy, because I had a blighted ovum meaning the sperm or egg cells are not fully developed. It's either the sperm doesn't have it's tail or an egg cell is not fully developed according to my sonologist. Last December while celebrating Christmas at home, there's a black butterfly flew inside our house. What I believe, once a butterfly flew near you or your house while celebrating any occasion it was one of your past relatives who wants to join you and celebrate even though they are in another world. Another event when it was my birthday, the same insect flew inside my house, I knew it's our little angel who wants to greet me. :) Rather than being sad, I did thank the butterfly for it's visit to greet me!

What if you knew you're going to have a baby boy?
We waited for few months to know the sex of the baby and the result was a "baby boy". According to my Obstetrician, it's not advisable to have more than three ultrasound examination unless prescribed and only if there are problems in your pregnancy. But since we are so excited and my colleagues wants to know what would be my baby's gender, we had more than three examinations. Before we knew his gender, he actually hide and position himself facing my back and hide his genitals from the machine's scope detector. When I had my monthly check up, I did tell my Obstetrician that my husband wants to know the baby's gender, she refused to give me request but since I don't have an ultradound examination on their records, she did gave me a request. (They don't have a record of an ultrasound examination because I also paid a visit on another clinic near my mother's house. ;) Well, then after knowing the baby's gender I am so excited to buy stuffs for the baby and I am also confused of thinking boy's name for the baby.

What if you mom called you to tell you your church will give you a baby shower by the end of the week?
It is my 34th week of pregnancy, meaning I'm on my 8th months. I haven't got any baby shower for the baby. I was actually planning to have one this Saturday and whoalla!, my mom texted me and asked me to call on their house to tell me something. She told me that they had a board meeting in our church at Gao, Quezon City and decided that they will give me a baby shower since there's one member, which is also pregnant and will be given a party. I was touched, cause due to my working schedules, I can't go to church and attend the mass since I also work for Saturdays. We are Adventists and we are not allowed to work from 6PM on Fridays until sunset of Saturdays. I know God has a purpose for giving me that party. My husband has a different religion but we make sure that we respect each beliefs.

What would you feel if your colleagues urge you to have a baby shower so they can give presents for your baby?
I felt so much loved and cared by these people. They are also excited to give presents for the baby as I am.
Although I have bought some stuffs for my baby, with a little help from my cousin Amy from California, of course I want more stuffs to have for the baby :) Thanks to her anyway, we are cousins but ever since they migrate to US when I was just a baby, we haven't seen each other yet she did send me money for the baby's stuffs! God Bless these people!

What more you can ask if you have family and friends like what I have, maybe just guidance and good helath cause you know that God is alawys with you at all times!

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