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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Unstoppable Gift Acceptance!

Though it's a very tiring day-
I still have wonderful moments in our office!
Our birthday girl, Norlyn surprised me of a gift, wrapped in a Japanese paper colored apple green and baby blue with a ribbon tied to it and a gift tag with a baby Mickey and Minnie mouse characters.

What's inside?
Guess what! he he
I know you can't guess it correctly!

It's a cute khaki baby shoes sized 3-9 months!
It's very CUTE- as in! I wish Chev can use it right away!
I can't wait for that to happen! (EXCITED!)

As I ended my shift earlier than what I expected (having 1 hour and 30 OT),
I looked for Daddy A. (Ariel)- he promised me yesterday that he will have something for my baby cause he was one of my hold-up invitee last Saturday!

He wrapped his gift on a shirt-like wrapper and
with a figure of a baby with a note: "Baby's Christening!"

AGAIN! What's inside?
Guess what! he he
I know you can't guess it correctly!

It's a cute pair of a bonnet and mittens with a design of a blue Superman logo.
Under the logo you will see there:
Super baby- he he a cutie!

I remember, Ver also has something for my baby as he texts me earlier that he's not yet reporting to work because of his father's preparation to get on board and earlier is his flight!
What I did was to tell Hayden what he want to tell the Support Team so he will not be tagged as NCNS or AWOL.

Mommy Elva, Kite, Nol, Coach Jeff, Cheeno, Ryan and
others also promised to give something for Chev also:
I'm not expecting much, but better if they will and what can I say?


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