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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Super STRESS!!!

It's gettnig closer for me to take up my maternity leave from our office. I'm excited, I'm not, I can't wait to have it. But when I file my maternity leave earlier this afternoon, I'm thinking twice when will I file my final leave or last days of reporting to our office. But I filed my leave on the 1st of September or resched it until the 5th so I could get complete salary on the 15th. If incase, I will feel somthing was not good about my situation being pregnant, that's the time I will give them my final day of leave.

I really feel the pressure: It's too hard to wake up early, easily getting tired even I'm not moving that much, always hungry, I can't hit my sales goal! One thing I hate about our campaign is, It's so redundant: as well as my other accounts, if not verbatim, recording advise is most important, other than that, leads are crap! Well, things I love in Optus: There's OT (even it's vry tiring-it's really one big help to inrease our salary every cut-off), nice colleagues (though there are some who were really indiffirent), better not to say something, we still recieve SPIF's, monthly incentives and of course monthly bonus. Spill is free-style, you can make your own as long as it's approved and you will follow the calll floe most importantly, you are not misleading!

But today! I'm SUPER STRESS!!!
This is the hardest day I've ever encountered! Leads were all crap, my first call is DNC, and you're not yet in your spill, they will tell you they are "Not Interested"! Imagine of eight hours calling plus an addition of one hour and a half OT!? OT is good especially as an add on to our salary-Thanks to that! MABUHAY!... BUT!!! if leads are very old and super recycled, it's really annoying: same as what our customers feel when they've been called not only ten times but several times a week! I also understand why instead they will listen and be intested to our product, they will say no immediately, it's because they have been called many times, during working hours, having their break times, we call them at their worst moment, they are on their holidays.. blah blah blah...

Well, whatever had happened today, I know it's my bad also, I sometimes tend ot to rebut, because I felt so tired-SUPER! And at the end of the day, all my efforts will just give me: 2 sales, then tomorrow I'll found out that I have held sale(s)! Goodness.. That's a really bad day for me! I don't want to pressure my self alot cause I have someone inside me and he'll be affected of everything what was happening to me! I deffinitely don't want that to happen that's why, even if they pressure me to make sale I sometimes raise my ear-pan (tengang kawali) as if I never heard anything (though it's also embarrassing).

I once decided to resign from my job as a customer service representative or what we call in the Philippines as call center agents; because it's tiring, it's repeatedly done (offering the product), needs to maintain everything (QA, Scorecards, SPH, CPH, SPC, etc...), be on time and many more! But when I'm about to decide whole-heartedly; everything pops up: I will have a baby soon, my husband is not yet working due to examination preaparations, I will pay this, that, I want this that... I need to stay! Well, I know it's my part to do my job, not only as my job but being professional also and not only for my self but also to my upcoming family.

Hmmm... I'm so tired today! Until next time! ;-)

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