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Monday, August 31, 2009

It's my long vacation out from STRESS

Today is National Heroes Day (Philippines)
It's Holiday-It's double pay!
It's my last day at work-calling!
I have called for Turbo-It's not pressured compare to MIPS, but
it's just temporary!
But I don't know when I come back to work what campaign should I call for!
But the best thing of all?
My leave starts tomorrow, and I consider this day as the start!

Wow It feels great!?
No Aussies for 2 months! Good Job!
No hassle to wake up early at 5AM and taking bath with cold water!
No hassle to ride tricycle and jeepney or fx just to reach Riverbanks 15 minutes before calling hours!
No hassle on walking the long side walk of Riverbanks mall, when there's no tricycles available to ride on!
No hassle on climbing the stairs and stamping on time at my station!

I know it's only good for 2 months: but it's really a great help to forget stress!
I'll enjoy my leave; I'll walk every morning and exercise so I can givebirth easily!
I'll watch my diet everyday until my due date arrives!

My 11k is not enough for our expenses, but still we have everything we need for the baby's sake!
We just need PAJAMAS!
Though, my hubby's cousin share her baby's stuffs so we can use it, still: PAJAMAS are not included and we really/badly needed to buy it from department store!

I think my baby wants to see the world as soon as gets out of my womb~
He's moving alot that it hurts me so, but nothing I can do but to tell him I'm feeling it:
I know he wants to see us also!

We had our crib also: but wee need to clean it first!
If not, I'll never let the baby use it!
It seems likes it can c ause tetanus to the baby~ eeeww!

This week will be a very busy week for us!
We will clean the house, wash our clothes and the baby's stuffs.
We will have a baby shower at our church at Gao QC!

We had goto at Concepcion: but we are hungry!
Hubby is now doing the his thing!
Frying the CHICKEN!
After that we will have: FRIED CHICKEN!

'til next time!
See yah!?

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