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Sunday, August 1, 2010


back to blog life!
it's been so long, many things happen in just a snap!
it's hard to tell every little details just to explain what had happen within couple of months way back...
Right now, I'm single again-literally as it is. No threads with it to any other guys around!
I did realized that, If I only keep my self untied to any obligations, I might have happy, free time for my self alone... Though I had my obligations now, I don't regret anyways.I'm still thankful in a very blessings I'm receiving from the heaven above. :)-------
A prayer is most powerful you could ever do for yourself.
Giving thanks to all the blessings you receive, for the kindness of your heart you could ever share and good deeds that you do to others.
Most people say there is no miracle-that is for those who don't believe and just want things to come as they want on their own purposes.
But there is!There is always miracle in every thought you have in your mind, every move you make and every words you say.
Once you believe in, you will get it as you ask. Pray and it shall be given unto you.---------
To my friends who always give me advise and guidance, THANK YOU!
I wouldn't be as what I am now without you guys. You've been there for me at all times!
Name it!?Chine my best-best friend!though we haven't meet for months now, I still believe in you as one of my ever true friend in life ever since!Hope we could still be as we are until we grow old--BUT hope to see each other more often! It only means I miss you so much!
Maisie my long lost best friend!We are miles apart by since high school I know you for being so much an understanding individual! Keep it up so even though we haven't meet for years now, we can still have this great communication not only through net but even at heart! (dramatic one)
Mom!You are the coolest mom I could ever ask for! If you only knew how much I care and love all of you in our family...I wish I can help you and father in financial problems you had within the past few years... But if everyone knew...You are even willing to help me out with my little child, look after him and even help me with all our needs. Without you I am now on the streets :)(a joke but it's true)I know one day you can be proud of me, and even share all the blessing we are receiving from above.
You! You know who you are...Thank you for being there for me. Though we know it is very complicated on both you and my part. But I know there is a purpose why all these things are happening. We can get all through these, I know that! Just believe and pray!
To everyone...This is a real good life we are experiencing, I've noticed every single blessings I had ever since! Hope we enjoy and share it with others! Have a great day!
Hope this is blog make sense to everyone!

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