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Friday, February 10, 2012

Wazz Up!?!

Do you know?

Do you know that people much eating processed foods are at risk having cancer?

Top Processed Foods (Dangerous)
1. Frenchfries
2. Doughnuts
3. Ice Cream
4. Burgers
5. Pizza

Who thinks it's dangerous?
This is no big deal most of the time.
BUT! To reduce the risk of having cancer, is preventing thyselves taking much processed foods
It does't mean that we only look after thses 5. there are lots of food we take that undergone as processed.

It would be better to eat, cooked meals!
Vegetables, fish, lean meat and fruits.

Isda (fish)
Karne (keat)
Gulay (vegetables)

I am very thankful that Chev at his young age of 2 or ever earlier than 1, he loves vegetables and fruits.
His water for milk is from Horse Raddish Tree (malunggay)
We boil the leaves including the stems and we let him drink it or even used it for his milk.

He's after vegetables taste.
He loves fish!
Fried, with soup, any way of how we cook the fish.

He hates food's with textures like apple, ground and hard meat and chicken breast.

I amvery greatful to have my Chev.
He already knows his full first name, and our names as well (Elbert John and Phebe Eunice)
He even knows where he lives. (QC) as QC as it ic.
He also know how to count, funny alternate numbers like: 13579 2468 sometines in other ways by singing still inaccurate numbering ;)

I'll tell you more about him!

See my next stop!

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