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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

You Already!

You already!?!

You have the unique acheivements, and looks that bothers the normals.
It's like the story of the Vampires, like you are Bella of the scene who

was found by her Edward.
You're like the apple of each and every eyes.

You're the most talented!
You make everyone happy!
You are adorable and best appreciated!
What can anyone say if they are just simple and quite since you have the
crowds appreciation and adoration having the crystal eyes and

accessories that kills a normal individuals nudeness.

You are colorful as a neon rainbow,
Imagine how that happens that stirkes the eye of the sharpest!
You are very keen to every individual and how I wish I could be as you
that you are very popular in your own way of silence but captivating

every heart proactively!

You are contrast, to what other says!
Those who are envy of your beauty and famous glamour!
They are very anxious with your scent and fashion.
You are such a destruction to each and every audience.

What can I say!?
You already! ;)

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