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Saturday, December 3, 2011

1 hour Lunch break time

I've just got mymid-night snack but we call it lunch in our job.
I've got the Spaghetti and Chicken strips from 711.
Nothings special.
I just want to do this blog.
I've been very tired the whole days yesterday since we have attended a seminar.
Seminar for lending purposes at BCC (Barangka Credit Cooperative INC.)
I've the account last year then but haven't put anything from it since I've forgot when did I put the passbooks.
So I have to renew and attend another training atleast for a referesher of course not to pay another P700 for that.
The person who did help me last year is the same who did the seminar yesterday.
But as far as I can remember since it's a special offer we can get teh regristration without any seminar by last year.

When we had finished the seminar, we've gone to the car.
Right then and there, I've curved my body like a fetus and cover my eyes.
Since I work night shift it's very irritating to see bright lihts.

When we got home, I've automatically got the pillow from our bedroom then go downstairs again ahve my position on te folding bed like dead.

What I cna only remember I've cooked instant spaghetti and noodles and buns to feed my hungry tummy then sip a bit of coffee.
Then we went to the seminar. Afterward, it's just a Liter of water I did take.

I did remember thatthey have distributed there a cup cake and Zesto drink juice.
I even tweet this at my tweeter account being paranoid while waiting the seminar to finish.

They've woke me up since they are invited for a birthday feast.
I did not come along since I'm very sleepy and feels so sick.
They allow me to stay and have my full 5 hours rest before I got back to work.

Finally it's another Sunday to face later on.
We will do the Circle jog at QC Memorial Park.

need to go back calling!
See you next time! Love yeah blogger! muah muah tsup tsup!

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