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Monday, December 5, 2011

I love my Pink LIPSTICK on!

this is so Pink.I know I really hate Pink..But since fashion is in line for me no to be left behind,I put colors to my lips.

This signifies what you want to tells via your lips.I've ordered 2 more colors and 1 liquid blush but nor me I'll give t sister-in-law(just the liquid blush)

this Pink is Neon!Killer Pink they call it.Looks like brand new Pink, it will fully give life to your lips.I'll post the Pic later on from my mobile phon,Just wait and see how it kills other colors ;)

In my opinion:Dark colors- Gloomy daysLight colors- Happy moments and light feelingsNeon colors- Naughty minds and playful attitudeWhat I have inside my bag:My Eye make up w/ MAC 24 eyeshadow colorsLipstick from Sophie,Concealer from Benefit andMascara from AvonMy Foundation from Local HBC Philippine madeLip liner from AvonEye Liner form EastgirlFace CreamPowder from Skin WhiteLip gloss from AvonDusty Mauve Blsh from Ever BilenaBody Shimmer Spray from Victoria Secret and Maxfactor liquid Foundationthere are lots of things inside my bagmobile phones, hairbrush, Money and alot more.

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