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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

about us

A mother, a father and a child, we call them a family.. right?
Mother doing her house chores and father doing his job,
but with us.. it's the other way around.
I work night shift at a call-center, while
Tatay (father) works inside our home as a keeper-comander LOL!
He commands everything he knew about.

He took care of our little boy,
He cooks our meals and do all he house rules.
He drives our car.
He makes more decisions than me.

I do crafts and sell them in the office.
Anything that I think will be useful for work, for home and all, not just to say tat I'me selling something for money.
Tatay even helps me for the delivery and other business talks since we had our Chicken-Raising for 3 motnhs consecutively.

since we had changed minds just to pick-up chicken and resell them since it will be more profitable for us not needing to pay anyone to look for our chix's.

Until now, we still dont have decisions continuing with it.
Good thing I have endless talents.
From Music, to arts, crafts and foodies.
I now, continues my crochet business at work.
I sold lots of headset covers, purses, walltes, bonnets, phone cases and other stuffs that I know to be crocheted.

My projects now is ot make more shoes and wallets.
Since we are about o move to our new home.
I would like everyone of us using a crochet slipper-shoes I made so we no need to buys slippers.
Especially to my little boy who really love his pair of slippers.

I'm successful to every business we've had though.
So this upcoming 2012, we hope everything will be good and better too.

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