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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

bothered.. Questions and all ??!!??

I don't know what to tell here..
pre-occupied at this time..
thinking of this and that and everything that passes through,
imaginating so different scenarios..
i've done this and that but still something's missing and still am looking for or maybe wanting to know about.
bothered too, if:
will I receive presents this christmas?
will they remember me?
hope they won't forget Chev fro tehir presents and all?
what crafts willI be doing this holiday seasons at home?
will my I have training for the upcoming 26th of this months or willI they allow me to be with the upsell LOB still by next year or will I be transfered to inbound and start receiving calls and bhe on training by Monday next week?

But surely! I will be attending our aero dance thi morning since I already wearing my green shirt as their uniform every Thursday!
after that we will have our breakfast and coffee.
I will have my sleep until dawn upto 7M then
pack my things up to go back to work at 8PM.

That's my everyday rouitne.
I wish I could have time for my son to play the whole day or wtahc movie and do crafts from time to time.

Will they give me holiday vacation from 26th until January 3 next year 2012?
I hope so, since I have lots of Leave Credits?
Praying too hard for that vacation.

fingers crossed, closed eyes and pounding heart!

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