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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Crochet Project by PCJ

Crochet Shoes on the Go!

This is made from an Acrylic Yarn by Monaco (PH), and has it's rubber soles.
Made with no pattern so at this time I cannot share how to do it, as much as I want to.
I normally imagine the design so I honestly don't follow any patterns- my sis-in law can tell as well.
This is at size 9. and taken by Joy.
But thi is one my samples over the net to start this business as it is very relaxing hobby.
I'm used to combine colors adding highlights and shapes.


For Sale @ P450 depends from your shoe size.. Adult shoes from 5-9 sizes at P450/pair.
Minimum of 2 orders, with handling fee as well as payment  via LBC.
Just text me at 639179958809 or 639235076592.
Mail me as well at babyaxcell@gmail.com

The more the order the greater opportunity to have discounts.
I am also open for business minded to wholesale and retailers.

KID's pair are at P150--

this one is for Chev!
I'm not quite sure what is his but his feet is really big for a 2 year old.
It seems he's on a flat feet but it seems to be change in time, hopefully!
He had it new but now it looks such-----
Still he's using it an he knows who made his pair of shoes.

--especiall thanks to the mentor of this crochet stuff, my sister-in-law, @elbhiejanesancheztagabuen

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