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Saturday, April 28, 2012

This is it! My VOW! Thank you Lord.

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We have waited for so long for this special event.
This Monday, we will arrange all the paper works for our Civil Wedding happening on my birthday this coming MAy 19th, 2012!

I'm very greatful with all the belssings given to us through the years.
Finally, we will close the Singleship and will move forward to our Vow to be as one.

Hoping all the family support and God's blessing as we will enter a very sacred sacrament which should have been done at first before we had Chev, but since we have considered alot., this is the only time and moment to give ourselves a treat of being as one to be a one big happy family.

I'm very hapy, just to share.
Now, I've upgraded to a Daewoo Car, though second hand, it's big enough for the three of us.
I'm in the process of looking forward as well to invest our own home.
I have my blackberry, though basic but realy gives me access to all I need. Maybe upgrade later but needs my hubby to have one atleast.

I'm very excited, I hope everything will go smoothly! ;)

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