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Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's been a while when I last post a blog!

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Fashion runs in this generation.

I'm not typically a fashinista but I'm somewhat taking a bit fashion since I most prioritized my child than anything else now.

I got new pairs of shoes and sandals.
New make up on list and got some in my purse now.

I just got a sleeveless staright sando-short dress given by my cousin at peach color.

I now have my hot lists of must-haves sinnce I'm diverting a new site.


I have a Kuku shoes at P650 each
One at Dirty White color and Light Blue color
(pictures will be posted later)

I have Excel Lip gloss collection. One of my business as well.
I sell it at a P100 buchs in our office.

I've already sold 19 of them and others are waiting since I only got 5 colors left annd others wnats light bright color lip gloss at matte finish.
When I last contact my bestfriend I think Yesterday, July 2nd will be our next order transaction.


finally I get back doing my Crochet stuffs.
I made 2 pairs for Ate Melanie's very cute daughters in Korea.
giving them free pairs.
I'm making a strechable headband for Celine my aunt's daughter so she is my cousin ;)
and will do one for my bestfriend's daughter KC a pair of shoes at Porroro theme colors
Yellow and light blue ;)


Well, one next project and give tatay a Blackberry phone so we can do BBM as much better than anything else dheaper than what we are doing now.
It's his birthday next month, so I hope I cn greet him in a very special way somehow.


Very proud mother bu, truely we are as parents since Chev is such an accelerated child.
He is very bright and very intelligent.
Lots of questions every single time he would like tod o so.
His magic english is very helpful as well.
As we had our Cable recently it is also helping him to speak in English and learn alot more especially he has Disney Channels.

Back to Work now! See you later!

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