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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Moving too far. . . . .

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It's been a long time, when I was hired at ICT, now merged w/ Sykes Asia.
Now, I'm turning 5 years in a callcenter industry.
Luckyly I am near Marikina Site.
But everything changes due to taxes, rental and all.
And BIG MOVE to another site is happening by next week, 19th of July 2012.
Many still can't accept the BIG MOVE, but nothing we can do but wait for our LOB to take our turn by next week.

A bit of hesitation for changing locations, bus rides, transporatations, meal change and additional allowances, were all ends up too much from what we normally do today here in Marikina.

WEll,, everything happens for a reasn.
This is maybe because of the BIG disaster happened way back 2010, when Ondoy hit Riverbanks and alot of the equipments, computers and the company's properties where damage, lost and totally wrecked.

I knjow, everything will be alright and managed, God is always with me, with us, the team and our account.

Kudos, Virgin Media UK!

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